General information

Cetraro, May 21-23 2012

The IPCF General Meeting in Cetraro aims at discussing and deepen state of the art knowledge at the basis of the Institute activities:
nano-structured materials, aggregation and freezing in dense colloids, polymers and disordered systems, liquid crystals, bio-systems, optical tweezing on the micro-scale, X-ray and neutron spectroscopy applied to soft matter.
The participation to the conference is free, without any registration fees.

The meeting will be a precious opportunity for the scientific communities working on bio and soft matter and on nano-structured materials to challenge new developments in the field and plan strategic lines of research for the next future of the Institute of Chemical-Physical Processes and the community of investigators scientifically linked to it. The conference in Cetraro will be, as well, a profitable chance for surveying the capability, potentiality and interest of researchers in an open and broad exchange.

There will be five general introductory talk yield by invited speakers.
The rest of the meeting will be divided in sessions that will be focused on

  • Optical tweezing
  • Fabrication and characterization of nanoparticles
  • Structural arrest dynamics
  • Sensors
  • Spectroscopy
  • Bio-systems, drug and gene delivery

Each one of the six session will consist of a few contributed talks, a poster session and a round table thematic discussion meeting.
Sessions talks and discussions will not be on parallel, in order to allow all researcher to follow more than one topic.

We strongly encourage IPCF researchers, research associates and any scientist interested in the IPCF research lines to submit their contributions.

The Organizing Committee